Stone Age Museum

Wow, what an event we had on Friday. The ‘pop up’ museum was amazing. We could not believe the work on show by the wonderful children of Year 3. From the work to the mammoth hunt, the cakes to the art, the models to the videos this museum really showcased all of the learning. 

Thank you to all of the parents and children who visited on the day. We hope it was memorable. We had a wall of fame in the museum and the comments were amazing. Below are a few comments selected by the Year 3 team to share. 

“I like this place, so awesome!”

“I loved the museum. Great work by all of the children.”

“It is so cool, I want to make more things to go in to a museum.”

“This museum is so cool it is by far the best museum.”

“Love the museum.”


Tulip Class Think The Stone Age Rocks

After a fantastic assembly from Tulip Class, we could not wait to get their music video on to the blog. Great dancing, acting, comedy and graphics. A massive well done!

Now sit back….relax and enjoy Tulip Class hunting a mammoth, or running from a tiger. All will be explained. 




Accelerated Reader for Parents

Year 3 have started to use a system called Accelerated Reader. It is a fantastic way of supporting children with their understanding of reading. To give parents a bit more information, Mr Parker has created a seminar going through some of the key points. We hope you find it supportive and enlightening. 

If you would like any other seminars please leave a comment and we will see if it is something we can provide. You might want a seminar on calculations or handwriting. Just let us know in a comment on this blog post.


Dolphin Class Rock

Dolphin Class had their assembly on Friday 9th November 2018. It was a fantastic showcase of learning in the class and the staff would like to say a massive well done to all of the children! The assembly went through the story of Stone Age Boy and ended with a deceleration that the pupils of Dolphin Class are learning rock stars.

Watch the video to see more.