Battle of the Bands – Round 3 Results

Our third and final Battle of the Bands pitched Beech Class against Dolphin Class in the battle to avoid the “wooden spoon” while Robin Class and Tulip Class fought for the top spot, both teams having won their first two battles.

Here are the results:

The Beech Boys24542Imagine Dolphins36504
Robin The Rich43297Tom Petal and the Tulips24149

Top scorers

OmoTom Petal and the Tulips14912
JeremiahImagine Dolphins13653
SyedThe Beech Boys8561
AlexandruRobin The Rich7992

And the final table…

Robin The Rich3300148392117990304029
Tom Petal and the Tulips3201124156138536-143806
Imagine Dolphins3102160344162538-21943
The Beech Boys300389782103610-138280

Well done to everyone who joined in with the Battle of the Bands!

Fitness Challenge – Day 15

Today was the final day in our Fitness Challenge. Throughout the past three weeks, every member of Beech, Dolphin, Robin and Tulip classes have worn a Garmin VivoFit wristband for a day to record their activity.

Well to Kayden from Robin Class for achieving the highest step score tody.

While it looks like we have a clear winner for the number of steps recorded, we will know the final result when the full record of activity is downloaded from the wristbands by Mr Chaplen. Come back after the Easter holiday to find out the final results.