Mrs Rayner- The Long Road Ahead part 10

Sunday 2nd February 2020


I’m aching today after yesterday’s long  walk.  The back of my right knee doesn’t feel too good 🤔. Hope it’s just a little problem that will get better soon.

I went out for a hour in the afternoon to stretch my legs a little bit. My son came out on his bike to keep me company.

I think I’m going to be a bit sore tomorrow. But… a little but of leg pain is nothing compared to the people Clic Sargent support. I’m very lucky that I’m well enough to take this challenge on. Many people would love to be well enough to do it.


Mrs Rayner – The Long Road Ahead part 9

20200202_163902Saturday 1st Feb 2020

A bit of an adventure today! Myself, Miss O’Donovan, Miss Bage, Mrs Hanif, Miss Prince, Miss Atkins and Amelie’s Uncle Will set off for a loooooooooong walk.

It was 25 and a half kilometres which I think is further than I’ve walked in one day for a few years. It was VERY muddy in places and very hilly, soggy, bumpy, squishy, sunny, windy then rainy! We had a few squelchy moments when I thought I might lose a boot or two.  It was also surprisingly fun! We passed lots of animals today too including Alpacas, cows, sheep and horses.

We were all very happy to finish safely with just a few aching knees, backs and hips.

Overall we walked just 5km less than half of the final distance so feels like we’re doing ok 😁. Even better – when I got home my daughter had baked chocolate chip cookies 😁😁😁😁😁. Yum!20200201_161809


Mrs Rayner – The Long Road Ahead part 8

Thursday 30th January 2020

It’s been a bit hard to get out walking this week after having poorly children at home, a trip to the Natural History Museum with Robin and Dolphin Class, a late evening meeting plus helping at Cubs one evening. Busy, busy, busy! Wish I had more time!

I squeezed in a little 6 1/2 kilometres this evening in the dark. None of my friends were able to come with me tonight so it was a little bit lonely at first 😞. My big brother phoned so we chatted the whole way round which made it much more fun 😆.

Some of us have a big walk planned for Saturday so I need to rest my legs tomorrow!20200202_155000

Mrs Rayner – The Long Road Ahead part 7

Saturday 25th January 2020

I dragged Mr Rayner out for a long walk this afternoon. That is not always a good idea 🚫. Sometimes we think we know where we’re going … when really we don’t! 🙈 We’ve been known to have adventures on walks before; including getting very lost, stuck in fields with no way out (in flip flops, in the rain!), and clambering through ditches. I won’t tell you about the time we had to climb into a field with a donkey. That was not good.

We actually managed suprisingly well today and only went off our planned route once (or maybe twice!). The good news is we made it all the way through 8 WHOLE MILES 😃. It was VERY muddy and I very nearly ended up covered in it. I heard that the Deputy Head of Putteridge Primary School did actually fall in the mud on her walk! Poor thing!

We met a few animal friends along the way today, including stumbling past a farm with the cutest ever tiny piglets 🐷. They were super smelly though!

My walk today was not even one quarter of what I need to do on the day😞. Ouch. It’s going to hurt!

Mrs Rayner- The Long Road Ahead part 6!

Friday 24th January 2020

So today I was full of energy and managed two walks! I have to squeeze them in when I can. I walked to Warden Hill and met a friend who joined me for a walk up the hill. We didn’t go all the way up because it was a bit muddy. I walked for more than 13km today in total so I was pretty happy with that! My feet felt fine … but I went from being really hot to really cold quickly, so need to think carefully about what to wear. Any ideas?20200124_115119

Mrs Rayner – The Long Road Ahead part 5

Hi Year 3

So, as some of you know I was out walking around the playground at lunchtime today, trying to get my steps up. THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you that came with me and kept me company. You REALLY helped me! You can see on the map where we walked and you can kind of see how many laps of the playground we did. We managed just over one mile (which is the same as 1.6km) and walked for about 27 minutes. Thank you for telling me jokes and keeping me company. See you soon.Screenshot_20200122-161211_Strava