Let’s Get Physical!


For the next three weeks (Monday 18 March – Friday 5 April), Year 3 will be taking part in a fitness challenge, with each class competing against the other three.

All four classes have been given two pedometers to share during the project. Each day, two pupils will be chosen to wear the electronic wristbands and these will measure the amount of activity that they engage in across the day. Children who are not wearing the watches will be encouraged to support those who are by organising games that involve as much physical activity as possible.

The class which records the most physical activity during the next fifteen school days will be rewarded with a visit to Wardown Park for fun and games during the summer term.

We will keep you up to date on each class’s daily progress here on our blog as the weeks goes by.


The first day of our fitness challenge is complete and eight children represented their classes by wearing the Garmin VivoFit pedometers. Here are the readings from each child’s wristband, followed by the daily total, which we will update each day.

Well done to Heng Li from Robin Class for achieving the highest total on the first day of our challenge!

Day 2

Well done to Alessia from Robin Class for achieving the highest total on the second day of our challenge!


Times Tables Top Ten

1 Mayank (Dolphin)
2 Gagandeep (Dolphin)
3 Chris (Dolphin)
4 Sartaj (Tulip)
5 Omo (Tulip)
6 Fabian (Tulip)
7 Vasileios (Robin)
8 Theodora (Dolphin)
9 Syed (Beech)
10 Kayden (Robin)

Chart compiled on: Sunday 17 March 2019

The Beech Boys Teach You the 4 Times Tables…

During our Times Table Rockstars launch, Beech class composed their own 4 times table song all by themselves!

Follow the lyrics underneath and comment if you think Beech class are on their way to becoming superstar mathematical musicians…

The Beech Boys

We Will Rock the 4s


Buddy you’re a boy with the 4 TTs

Playing Rockstar games on your iPad screen!

Got 4s in your head

Can’t go to bed

Thinking ‘bout which number then comes next

We will, we will  rock you X2

 1X4 is 4, 2X4 is 8, 3X4 is 12

 Shoutin’  4X4 is 16, then 5X4 is 20


We will, we will rock you X2

6X4 is 24

7X4 is 28


9X4 is 36





We will rock you X1





Devastatingly Deadly Disasters

Welcome back!!!!

Our new topic is titled ‘Devastatingly Deadly Disasters’.

Throughout the topic we will be looking at natural disasters, where they occur, the impact they have not just in modern history but going back through time.

We started the topic with a newspaper report on the recent tsunami that struck Indonesia.

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Museum feedback

Thank you to all the parents who filled in the questionnaire at the Stone Age Museum. We wanted to share some of the feedback with you.

1) My child has enjoyed their learning in school over the past term.
98% of parents and carers said that the children had enjoyed their learning in all of the curriculum. 

2.) The homework has been appropriate and relevant to my child’s learning.
91% of parents and carers said that homework had been challenging and engaging for the children.

3.) My child has made good progress over the past term.
96% of parents and carers said that they could see progress in the children’s work that had been completed.

4.) What did you like most about your child’s first term in Year 3?
The responses to this were overwhelming and we would like to share some below. 
‘The fact that his so enthusiastic to do his homework! It’s amazing.’
‘I see him more confident and participating in all the school activities.’
‘She has enjoyed everything and loved the interactive learning. Fantastic job by all the teachers!’
‘Kids should have more project like this one in this year 3.’