Mrs Rayner – The Long Road Ahead!

Hi Year 3
I thought I’d keep you updated on my training for the loooooong walk 😃.

Thursday 16th January
I went for a long walk around the village where I live for just over an hour. It was raining BUCKET LOADS! I was very determined and kept on battling through the blustery wind, pouring rain and endless darkness. It really wasn’t much fun at all! BUT I did it! The thought of you all helped me loads. I’m going to email the teachers a couple of videos to show you just how horrid it really was! The good news is my boots and trousers were waterproof 😃. The bad news is my coat was not 😠☔🌧. Oops!

The best bit was getting home to a nice warm hot chocolate. Yum!

Mrs Rayner

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