Mrs Rayner – The Long Road Ahead part 9

20200202_163902Saturday 1st Feb 2020

A bit of an adventure today! Myself, Miss O’Donovan, Miss Bage, Mrs Hanif, Miss Prince, Miss Atkins and Amelie’s Uncle Will set off for a loooooooooong walk.

It was 25 and a half kilometres which I think is further than I’ve walked in one day for a few years. It was VERY muddy in places and very hilly, soggy, bumpy, squishy, sunny, windy then rainy! We had a few squelchy moments when I thought I might lose a boot or two.  It was also surprisingly fun! We passed lots of animals today too including Alpacas, cows, sheep and horses.

We were all very happy to finish safely with just a few aching knees, backs and hips.

Overall we walked just 5km less than half of the final distance so feels like we’re doing ok 😁. Even better – when I got home my daughter had baked chocolate chip cookies 😁😁😁😁😁. Yum!20200201_161809


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